Saturday, July 25, 2009

kopi roti - kaya toast

At the waiting area of NAIA Terminal I1, near the boarding gates, is a breakfast nook called Kopi Roti. Having read raves about this shop in Awesome Planet's blog and the fact that we still havent had breakfast yet made me want to check it out.

It is a coffee shop with just a few selection of tasty treats, toasts and buns mostly.

What I ordered was the kaya toast. It is toasted bread sliced thinly and served with kaya spread and butter. (Kaya is a famous jam hailing from Singapore and Malaysia made from coconuts.) To me it feels like eating pan de coco only on a crunchier bread. For 55 pesos, you get 2 sandwiches - not bad.

Too bad I didnt have the chance to taste their coffee selection because adding caffeine to my already excited phase that day could kill me :p

To get a glimpse of what their menu looks like and their branches, view this.

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