Wednesday, July 22, 2009

turning japanese - prologue

So this stuff that I was talking about that left me "blog dead" for a month and a half was this trip that my husband planned for us two girls (my daughter and me) to visit him for a month.

During the start of the preparation to come here, I thought paperworks were the hardest to fix. It turns out packing stuff to buy and bring was the hardest. I mean to fit the whole house, where I have been most comfortable with my entire life, in two 20-kg suitcases is just so hard - doable - but hard ;p

So iniweyz, this is a pretty major thing for me since I havent been away from home for more than a week or two, and that Baguio (still, with family) and Surigao (at my parents house) are the only places I went - which still feels like home - so there you go.

Let me share in the next days the experiences I'll have during my stay here - from a not so well-travelled momma's standpoint (ignoramus hehehe). I'm sure every bit of experience - be it good or bad - will be worth blogging and reading. Hai!


  1. so well-traveled ka na hihihi

  2. Hi Mai-mai, thanks for the visit. :-)I was looking for the shout box can't find it, kaya dito na lang. :-) I saw some cool menu/dessert right down this page. I'll be back and take note of them, kung oks lang sayo. Mukhang masarap sila lahat. :-)

  3. Oh please do...sana you find it yummy rin :) tnx for visiting yami :)



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