Sunday, April 26, 2009

chicken nuggets

Thinking of what food to cook next can be quite tiresome. That is why I love watching cooking shows because it gives me a lot of ideas so planning meals would not be as tiresome. So yesterday, while flipping channels, I bumped into three channels with cooking shows on the same timeslot and got different recipes from those, but chose to do this first because (yes!) its easy, its healthy (because its chicken) and its fun for kids to eat.

sorry 'bout the picture, im bad at taking pictures :)

To make 46 pieces of these, you'll need:

1/2 kg of ground chicken
1 large onion
1/2 cup of minced carrots
crispy fry breading mix

- just mix all these ingredients together
- shape them any way you want
- coat with Crispy Fry breading mix or any breading mix you fancy (notice that it really does need salt and pepper because of the breading mix)
-fry til golden brown

Actually, what's really different about this recipe is that it should include minced vegetables like string beans, and minced tofu so your kids can eat vegetables without them knowing. But I thought I have to trick my daughter first into making this her favorite before I mix in those veggies. Moms can be tricky too! ;p


  1. thanks for sharing this recipe :) i really need to try this one cos our daddy here really likes chicken nuggets ..

  2. you're very welcome..will try to post more recipes..i experiment a lot :)

  3. sis! i am very happy :) i tried cooking nuggets and they turned out really good!!! my babe likes it so so much.. i did some changes and substitutions, though..

    check my post

  4. congrats sis :) read your post na and it looks yummy nga glad your family liked it..mwah!



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