Monday, April 13, 2009


what better way to start this blog page by introducing myself... here's my take on the very famous 100 things about goes 80 of mine...I...

1. am mai.

2. am a wife to aldrin for 6 years..girlfriend for 11 years..

3. am a mother/playmate to daughter leila..

4. love to cook and bake..

5. can watch cooking shows all day..

6. spend about 12 hours of my every day in front of the computer...

7. super love chicken/pork adobo..

8. sometimes can taste something and can work out the recipe from there..

9. belong to a group of ladies called chuvas (fat) called..

10. attended opposing schools - benedictine abbey school and la salle..

11. was told that i joined so many field demonstrations and contests when i was in grade school that my mom got tired of going..

12. once joined a declamation contest in grade 1..the piece required a bit of drama and crying..but nerves got to me so crying was was the snot (excuse the word) ;p

13. can probably sing all of cartoon movie soundtracks because my daughter watches it ALL THE TIME..

14. always have very vivid dreams..

15. once had a dream that i was whispering something to a friend's ear and woke up posed like it..

16. am FAT ...argghh!!!

17. love ADAM SANDLER movies!!!!

18. enjoy reality shows a lot..project runway, top chef and the rachel zoe name a few..

19. recently realized its hard to write 100 things about yourself... 61 more to go...

20. am a registered nurse..not practicing though..

21. enjoy watching celebrity bag raids...

22. believe that julia roberts is perfect in every way..EVERY!!!

23. dream of becoming a chef..

24. most definitely believe that you should never ever trust a fart...especially aldrin's hahahahha..but you can trust mine (*smirk*)...hehehe

25. learned how to apply eye makeup just last year..

26. was once picked out to represent my class in a physics contest..

27. youngest of 4 siblings..

28. am slow in math..quick on the calcu...hehehe

29. have a very reliable set of brothers and them..

30. have used one book (oliver twist by charles dickens) throughout high school for book reports but i havent read it once...

31. love colors red, purple, blue, white and black..

32. am an insomniac..

33. am a capricorn..

34. think that curtis stone and anthony bourdain are the hottest and the coolest chefs ever, respectively..

35. was a CAT officer in high school..DAHAP! ;p

36. pray as if i am just talking to a friend..which i to speak ;p

37. am a PSP freak..

38. love wearing flip flops..

39. ....and shorts...

40. .....and pique shirts..

41. have braces..


43. am scared..oh wait...TERRIFIEDD!!! of dogs..

44. super super love the koreanovela Coffee Prince..

45. can do my young tender years..hehehe

46. cannot grow plants..howsoever..

47. love bowling coz i think im good at it..surprisingly so..

48. love thai massages..

49. take very, very poor pictures..

50. am an instant coffee kind a gal..

51. was accelerated from prep to grade 1..big deal?! hahaha

52. learned that my mama got my name from a contestant in miss universe..

53. love desserts..

54. go by different names...MEU, mama, mamamonchang, subaru, joks, mai, ma..

55. have only had one boyfriend...and i am married to him..

56. easily cry over Lolo scenes..

57. worry A LOT!!!

58. once, in high school, fell down a flight of stairs and dragged my Filipino teacher with me..he's hated me ever since..Peace, Mr. Acoba!

59. am a bargain hunter!!

60. love sushi..

61. ...and i make them too..

62. get cranky when bills starts piling up (who doesn't??)..grrrr!!!

63. believe that everything happens for a reason..

64. never liked beer..

65. ...but i love vodka..

66. love to sing..

67. am a very fussy buyer...before i buy anything i rummage through all the nearby shops to make sure i really picked the one i like..

68. procrastinate...a lot...i invented it actually...

69. can get very dependent and attached to friends..

70. have read all series of The Adventures of Tin Tin in our high school library..(so?!?)

71. talk and tell stories animatedly..

72. this is really not easy...

73. shared the same stage with lea salonga when i was in grade 1 in a school program at the Met..yes!! spoken like a true thespian...AT THE MET! hahaha

74. consider my daughter as my best companion..

75. just realized that its hard to be a single parent...with hubby away..(miss you much!)

76. was always elected class treasurer from grade school to college and i was never good with about irony!! :p

77. am currently working at home..

78. believe that in every undertaking be it major or minor...there is always a lesson to be learned..

79. want to travel anywhere with my husband in our retiring years..

80. am DONE with this list!!

Gosh!!! it is harder than i thought it would be..but fun. Enjoy listing yours :)

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