Tuesday, April 21, 2009

wallet tag -- what's in my wallet?

I love this tagging game. Got this from utotmopink's site. Lemme start off with my wallet :)

The mechanics of this tag are the ff:
1) take pictures of your wallet and its content.
2) talk about how you got your wallet and how much you paid for it.
3) enumerate the contents and tell a few things about them.
4) pass this tag to the rest of your friends.

I bought my wallet from Egg (Southmall) for just P200 - its on sale ;p. It's quite a big wallet and its super durable - been with me for 2 years now - and I love it. It holds my EVERYTHING including:

-atm cards
-BDO emerald rewards card
-PRC license
-driver's license
-my daughter's TIMEZONE powercard
-MAKRO temporary passport (have to claim that ;p)
-previous office ID and review center ID (in case i have to leave an ID at the guard)
-a 3 o'clock prayer card
-my daughter and hubby's health cards
-calling cards (pedia, brother's, catering services, laboratory/diagnostics office, Galera/Baguio city apartel, Tita Pearl's inihaw bangus - yum!)

and then there are:

-SM ice skating coupons
-McDonald's coupons (this totally expired on me..hehehe)
-Toy Kingdom promo claim stubs (grand prize is a shopping spree at TK *cross fingers*)
-old SM IMAX ticket stubs

That's about it. Now, I'm tagging you. What's in your wallet? ;p


  1. this tag can be traced back to my pagepls continue the tag by doing it properly :)
    -post the mechanics of this tag
    -pass this tag to the rest of your friends
    -link the person where you get this tag from

    thanks in advance..^^

  2. tnx for the tip grl..just shows how much of a newbie i am at this game :)

  3. Wow. Talagang revealed talaga lahat ng laman ng pitaka mo ah. Nice. ^_^



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