Saturday, October 10, 2009

photohunt - sports

I hope Im right when I thought of this as a sport. Anyways, this photo was taken at the entrance gates of Grand Circuit Raceway at the Tomorrowland Park Area at Tokyo Disneyland. This was actually one of the rides I marked when I was making our itinerary (along with Haunted Mansion) - turns out it was closed for the day for renovations. Oh well!


  1. you have a very nice blog site.. :) do you have any plans to go there again? try visiting disneysea... its also nice there... :D

  2. Thanks thats nice to hear :)

    About going back..if resources ($$) permits, why not? Its nice there...I've heard Disneysea's nice too but I have to give in to my daughters unending "puhleasee mama's" ;p

    Feel free to browse around...good day :)

  3. thanks... same to you have a great day... you dont have new posts? :D busy entertaining the "pleassssesss" of your daughter... :D :D god bless :D



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