Monday, May 4, 2009

No Reservations - Philippines

I super love watching Anthony Bourdain in Discovery Travel and Living's No Reservations. And all this time I have been asking why the Philippines has been bypassed when I have seen him travel in almost all of Southeast Asia. The answer to my why's had been answered today with just a click of a button. I was trying to view the TV guide of Discovery Travel and Living in SE Asia and ended up reading "Our Awesome Planet's" blog about Anthony Bourdain being here --- IN THE PHILIPPINES. Great!

It started with Ivan Man Dy touring AB through Chinatown where they tried chicken balls, taho, and pancit palabok. Then went to Dampa and ate pinakbet, ginataang crab, and adobong hipon. Halo-halo though could have been a nice addition to the list of something to try.

Pampanga was next where he met with Claude Tayag, artist, writer and chef (as mentioned in the show). AB was introduced to different goat dishes, and sisig which is what as AB says in the show and I quote, "the come to mama moment of my trip." You just have to love the wit of this man.

Last stop was Cebu where they visited Tabuan (place were danggits are sold) where AB was accompanied by Joel Buenamira, who then cooks up a meal and celebrate the most awaited LECHON which was tagged by AB himself as the "best pig ever".

What more can I say, Anthony Bourdain is just for me the most entertaining and the coolest chef ever, and watching him enjoy our food makes me so proud. Kudos to the guys who toured AB. I felt that the Philippines was well represented with you guys leading. Well done! :)


Watch the whole episode of No Reservation's Philippines in by ArcApex.

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