Friday, May 1, 2009

Wanders @ PAGCOR

Decided to repost this entry (from March 2008) since Wanders stint in PAGCOR is still ongoing.

"Last Saturday, we had the chance to watch Wanders at Pagcor Grand Theater thanks to friends who were super kind enough to share us tickets. I was expecting a circus-circus type of act, you know the regular stuff where the ringleader introduces a group who performs with instrumental songs as backgroundmusic. kinda went around that order but with a beautiful beautiful beautiful band behind it (headed I think by Egay of ASAP before??), wonderful pinoy singers (Frenchie Dy, et al), great foreign dancers, grandiose costumes and hair designs - FEROSSSSHHH!!! As in I was as amazed and applauded just as hard as my daughter did, if not louder :)

My daugther, Leila, had so much fun. She was laughing so hard with the mimes drumming beats which turns out to be the Maneouvers - and yes! yes! yes! they were ultra cute. I enjoyed the interpretative dances so much especially when they swung their act across the stage twirling themselves with just a ribbon (like what KC Concepcion did for Sharon's bday) AMAZING!!! And Aldrin (my husband) of course, with a lot of hot hot hot hot chikas dancing beside him (beside coz they went up and danced at the aisle) who would not be staring, even I caught myself staring ;p

I also realized how star struck I can get, I mean c'mon who gets star struck toMatt Ranillo? our moms maybe? but again..ME..STARING!! She was with her daughter Krista too, who is a looker too. We saw Bobbie Andrews too with his family just about two rows down from where we were sitting. Too bad, cameras were not allowed inside.

We had our share of quick fame as well during curtain call. They showed Leila on the two big LCD screens on both sides of the stage while she was having fun picking up confetti and dancing.

Overall, we had an amazing night. We had pictures taken with the performers at end of the show for an additional fee."

Wanders still have shows at PAGCOR Grand Theater in Paranaque.

Ticket prices are at Php 3090, Php 2575, Php 2060, Php 1545, Php1236.

Performance dates are on May 1 to 6, 15 to 17, 19, 20, 30 and 31.

For more details on seat plan and directions on how to get there, visit Wanders at

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