Wednesday, May 13, 2009

time off at timezone

What to do? where to go..hmm! Its a Monday, my day off. I'm 10 minutes away from fetching my girl from summer school. Oh! I'll let her decide.

"Let's go to Timezone pls??!!!"

Okay, the plan is to go to Timezone and then get ourselves a good dinner, anyway mother's day is yet to be celebrated. So, off we go.

Just one left turn and we're in the parking lot when - tsk! tsk! tsk! - the police pulled me over to say that I beat the red light. What a way to start our mother's day celebration. Haaay!!

So after that incident, we went on with our celebration plans.

Timezone has this student promo wherein you bring your child's ID and you get extra 50 pesos if you avail of their P150 load. We had fun swishing cards left and right and because of our good gaming, we managed to exchange our tickets to a nice toy - like Handy Manny's tools - she loves it.

We then treated ourselves to a simple dinner, a sizzling bangus steaks fine with my super picky anak, then headed home.

A happy duaghter makes the happy mother's day!

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