Thursday, May 14, 2009

Tagged Too - from Ishmael

My very first tag coming from Ishmael --- and this wasnt easy at all. Its hard to say something without giving out too much :)

The rules of this tag are:

1. Write anything about 15 persons you know.
2. Don't mention the names of these 15 persons you are referring to.
3. If someone would ask who these persons are, don't tell them.
4. Tag 15 persons but don't include the persons you included in your post.

Iniweyz, here goes:

1. You may be the fattest, the loudest girls there are but I love and treasure you all dearly. I value your friendship so much. Bad as it may sound, I am glad I lit that yosi that afternoon I met you guys.

2. You may not know this but you were such an inspiration in high school. You are smart, prayerful and super nice. Hope all is well with you now :)

3. You are always there when I need help, from simple to the not so simple ones. I appreciate it very very much and I love you - in case you dont know yet :)

4. I miss you so much. When you left, I really felt lost and super alone. I miss hanging out with you badly. Mondays are not the same. I miss your laugh. Write more often, gosh! (Galit na!)

5. You may not be close to the ideals but I love you just the same. I will try to forget all that has been done and the effects that it caused. I will always be here for you.

6. I am sorry I made it difficult for you then. I hope I am now what I should have been before. Take care there!

7. You are one of my inspirations in life. With such a privileged life, you chose to be down to earth. Truly an amazing person with good brains to boot. God bless!

8. I dont know what happened with us but we used to be super okay friends. We are not "not okay" now but I know we can be more than just okay, okay? hahaha

9. I hate that you didnt listen to me when I told you not to do it. Just the same, things came out well and you have been blessed with such a beautiful and cute angel. I love you and that I will be your friend forever. PERIOD.

10. What happened to your sweetness. You were so full of it then. Everyday problems must have taken that out of you. I hope and pray that you find peace and eventually find joy with it.

11. I thank you for all the hardwork, the not so obvious advices that you gave (that is super obvious now that I have my own child), and the patience. Love you.

12. Thank you for being ever so dependable. You are always just a call away, though sometimes I worry about you with handling finances. Love you still.

13. I have misjudged you and I acknowledge that. You are one of the few people that we can count on all the time. I hope good health is with you always.

14. I never thought I would find the best companion in such a small you. I have learned a lot of things about myself and what I am capable of doing when we are together without you having to say anything, you just stare at me in amazement, or worse, you just cry (and then I know I did something wrong and then I change). I have seen in you the sorriest face when I get mad, and the sweetest thank you I have ever heard when you are happy when I do something you like. I hope I give you enough love and encouragement so you end up knowing what you want and having the confidence and will and faith to get it. I will always be here for you. I love you very much.

15. I am so thankful I met you. As demanding as you are about things you want me to be, I know you mean well and I willingly change - sometimes - with much arguing, hehehe. Thank you for giving me things I never thought I needed, that now I love and treasure so much. I appreciate it when you said that you not only love me, but you learn to love all the things I love and hope for, and that you will help me get it. I could not ask for more. Love you. Soulmates are true.

Phew!!! Enjoyed doing this, promise. Now, I pass this to everyone who reads this. You're TAGGED TOO!!


  1. i like this, kaya lang parang di ko kaya panindigan! hahahhahaha! teka isipin ko muna kung kaya ko to gawin...

  2. Speaking of tags sis, I gave you an award. You can claim it on my blog. Thanks. Happy blogging!

  3. This comment has been removed by the author.

  4. Wah! Nice nice post. Talagang ibinigay ang lahat. Though kahit hindi ko nakilala 'yung mga person na binigyan mo nito, nagkaroon naman ako ng view sa personality mo.

    Nice post. Thank for answering my Tag. :-)

  5. ogosh..sumobra bang siniryus?? hahaha..natawa naman ako sa comment mo..naging confessions yata no?..niweyz, you can tag me anytime :)



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